Welcome to the Troop 442 Contacts Page.  Troop contacts can also be found in the troops weekly email communication. 

Troop Scout Master (link)
Mr. Bill Gillespie

Troop Committee Chair/Troop Merchandise
Mr. Joe Rowden Jr.

Troop Merit Badge Coordinator
Mr. Keith Nemec

Troop Campout Coordinator
Mr. Craig Beasley

Troop Web Site Administration (link)
Mr. Caden Fischer/ Mr. Ian Fischer

Troop Flag Posting Coordination (link)
Mr. Jim McMichael(admin), Mr. Steven Griffith(flags)

Troop Medical Form Coordination(link)
Ms. Tanya Bridges

Troop Popcorn Coordination
Ms. Charlene Otto

Room Reservations (link)
Julie Regian

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